Who We Are

How we started...

Caring Lotus was established in 2020. Many years of experience was brought into the company by a group of caring, dedicated and committed individuals. Understanding the needs in the sector and having the passion to be involved in improving services is how Caring Lotus was born.  We are pleased to offer services that are focused on helping our clients grow and feel part of our family. Watching individuals become more independent and satisfied with their quality of life is what drives us to put in our all, each and every hour of each and every day.

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Our Mission

To deliver quality services that are focused around the client needs. Our mission is to set systems and processes up logically and efficiently to meet governing needs. Doing this correctly allows us to focus our energy on working with and understanding our clients and staffs needs so we can provide the best possible service each and every time.  

Our Vision

The Company will be known as the caring and compassionate hub where all staff and clients come together and feel part of a family. Our vision is for all staff and clients to feel respected, understood, supported, and driven to succeed beyond their expectations.

Our Values

Being in Balance, Self-Care Wellbeing Practice with Crystals
  • Caring
  • Imaginative
  • Togetherness
  • Compassion
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Exceeding Expectations

Why the name Caring Lotus

The first word CARING symbolises several meanings;

  1. It is what we do – Provide Care
  2. It represents the owner’s attitudes and what we want to attract in our company – Caring Care

The second word LOTUS – The lotus flower is well known to be a beautiful and also magnificent flower. It is known to only be able to grow in mud. When the flower itself blossoms, it must rise above the murky water where it opens its petals one by one and to reveal its final beauty.

Many believe this adaption as a beautiful metaphor of life. The mud being the obstacles of life, and the flower symbolizing the journey of overcoming these obstacles. We believe anyone with the right guidance and support can overcome or adapt to any obstacles. Through navigating through such obstacles we can gain a level of wisdom, compassion, kindness and understanding we couldn’t have gained otherwise.

Caring Lotus was founded on the ideas from some compassionate and caring individuals who all believed that together they could form the ultimate Service Provider. We wanted smart, logical and streamlined systems that worked well and allowed us more time to focus on our clients. All of us at Caring Lotus are in this industry because we care. When Caring Lotus was seen from a different angle and showed that it also spells out ‘Caring Lot Us’ we knew it was the name for us. As there is a caring lot of us determined to create something better than what we were seeing in the current marketplace.

Dedicated to provide the best service

Streamlined Processes

Great focus on streamlining processes to reduce rework and time wastage

Smarter Systems

Having efficient and effective methods allows focus to be spent on you

Implementing systems correctly

Ensure our clients and staff have the training and resources to feel confident and comfortable

Better Care

The best of care can only be given when staff and clients are clear and empowered with the right knowledge

Continuous Quality Improvement

Regular meetings driven by clients and staff to constantly look at ways to improve

Great Results

Constantly being focused to improve allows us all to work together to deliver the best results to you
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